Banning for no valid reason

RatLabs have banned ALL my accounts under false claims of Botting from players and poorly handled ip mismatching. They are unable to supply ANY proof of the false claims and will not lift the banning. They claim that another player had also gained access to my accounts or at some point shared a ip. In todays world of VPN´s to claim this is terrible! Thus you are ALL liable to be banned for false claims of botting accounts or other fake and lame excuses.

AT no point did I ever use a bot or share my log in information with anyone. The claims where direct by players such as hirohamanda, Cuckies, Dave and malevolent, who staff clearly have shown favoritism towards. All players should take a look at Realm discord channels and see the amount of abuse, filth and tos breaking things these people do. Many other players have been banned for far less. Do you staff at Ratlabs Still claim there’s no favoritism?

Now lets address a few issues. Hirohamada was a member of Ratlabs staff, he was the Gm known as Ezots. This person should know better and not troll people in the game he once worked for. Thus does this explain to you why no matter how much you people complain about his filth he remains unpunished? Why is Hiro no longer staff? he claims and so do ratlabs that he stepped down. this is untrue. Hiro was caught abusing his GM powers more than once for his in game ¨Friends¨.

Now lets address the others. Malevolent, Cuckies, Ruins, Vickie and several other players which have all been friends with Starrie and many of the other devs for many years. They had previously played other games together and then of course on there illegal server Myst walkers. These people are nothing but Trolls! They twist and fabricate all types of rumor’s and lies to create attention and cause drama. Vickie always quick off the bat to spread gossip that’s untrue or has no backing to prove. Then acts nice to the persons face. She then goes running to her guild XIII reporting everything she is told Or blurts it out on discord Like a good pitbull, Two faced?? For sure.

Back in July of 2020 Malevolent sent a message to a player whom I knew well. This message was nothing short of pure filth directed at me. I was sent this screen shot from my friend:

When I contacted CS about this PURE TOS breaking filth, which is TOTALY untrue, Starrie quoted me the following which I have saved:

Lets take a look at Realm Online Guidelines

No rules broken? I personally can see as many as 4 broken here in that ONE comment.

How about some of these??

These are just a few Screenshots I took of many hours of false claims, abuse and slander directed at me from these players, that have not & can not prove their claims and who have always remained untouched, or allowed to continue to bash myself and other players of Realm Online. I guess being X staff and friends of staff excuse them from the rules everyone else has to follow?!

I know for a FACT that these few people have had MANY complaints from other players and who, like myself , have felt that nothing was done or were given a poor excuse and no follow up. Sure must be great to be x Staff members and be allowed to to anything.

How do staff justify watching a few people abuse other players and do NOTHING time after time? Didn’t you see this coming? More like it will surely follow.

Does this not leave you wondering exactly how these chosen few get all their wealth and in-game items? We’ve all seen Staff handing items to them at EL teleport. But as per a cs ticket reply from staff:

Hmm yeah right.. Not to meantion that half the guild members of Mercs and XII use a bot called AMR. Funny how the games staff don’t ban those players huh, Maybe because it was written BY X Staff members and because their mortals are in those guilds. Lets face it, Realms leaderships as twisted as half the players.

Here is the chat log of why my accounts where banned: NONE IF WHICH IS TRUE. Ratlabs refuse to forward ANY proof and can not produce any!

So if a person is using a vpn and it matches YOUR address your a botter or sharing accounts? Anyone else see anything wrong with this? On a further note why would anyone with the reputation I had wish to share or give someone they do not even know their account information?

None of this makes any sense at all and I am therefor more inclined to believe I was banned for nothing more than having a disagreement with staff friends or jealous players ganging up and stirring the pot because they themselves don’t have as much gold or glowie items.

Over all, If this is how Ratlabs are managing their game, I can see nothing but a huge amount of mass ip bans coming, Which of course will ban many of you nicer people, for no reason other than simply playing their game. I would check that new bot detection algorithm again Jordan because its clearly not working the way it should Also you missed a few accounts. And I would also consider plugin the privacy leak from cs tickets and staff to Hirohmanda and Cuckies, Which they bluntly talk about in your discord channels BEFORE anyone else even knows. Again just pure poor management.

Get a system like this, get out of town and stop blocking up EL TP and farm like I did.

This picture explains how I was able to log in and run so many accounts at once! Botter my ass.

In 14 months I had done more for Realm online than most players that have played for years. Many of the players have received gold, items, information or help of other kinds from myself, which I did willingly and freely because of my dedication and love for this classic MMO. Ask your self’s why would a player like this risk using a bot? Or chance breaking ToS with shared accounts?

Many of you had previously enjoyed the hungryorcs website that I had created to support Realm and have been asking why it was taken down. Trolls where quick to respond with malicious rumor mongering. The reason it was taken down is simply that I got fed up with trolls attacking it, its contents and bashing the site, which again staff did nothing about. Why would I continue to support a game where staff clearly don’t support its dedicated and paying players.

Many of you have been witness to the foulness of a few select players who are allowed to continue to blunt use abuse, foul langue, Mask and disrupt chats just for the hell of it. These people are clearly friends of staff who get away with these acts time after time. Another reason I will no longer support Realm! Its things like this that have killed the game time after time.

Many of you knew me well enough to know how kind and helpful I am and have been. It was myself and many players from my guild who attempted to host the 2020 Halloween quest event, which once again was destroyed by one of the players for mentioned, and yet again nothing happened to.

These people promise the world and do nothing. 2 years ago we were all told about a mobile platform of the game with a promise of 12 to 15 months.. two years later nothing just a few screen shots of something knocked up. Since then they introduced a PVP server which NONE of the real players wanted, This was pressure from a select few players who now run around pvp bullying. Funny enough its all the same people mentioned above.

Where’s all the new items, Storyline, New npcs that where promised Ratlabs? You spent 9 months coding a pvp server and left your main server in a real mess. The economy Is so bad the games dying.

My advice to the realm community: Stop paying for your accounts and get out while you can. these people are not fit to run the game and deal with your credit card information. They HAVE released Private sign up information in the past about players to their friends and X staff members, which is totally against the law, which is then used by those people to dox them or bully.

Its always amazed me how in Realms discord channels AND in game, Bubs, Cuckies, Vickie, Dave and a few other people have abused me, Yet when I retaliated staff come running to their aid. Staff you ALL need to learn how to do your jobs, Stop playing favorites, and stop getting your ass´s brown nosed by small narrow minded jerks like those. Christ its all there on those channels for every player in the game to see.

When cornered or threatened Ratlabs send out a C&D threat… Well Come on where’s mine? according to an X member of staff one was sent out to me… I will be more than happy to show you what its worth, and what you can do with it.

This HAS been posted in full, With screen shots and other cs tickets, to gaming forums, where it is my hopes of steering players away from the toxicity, Lies and abuse of this game. The BBB & FTC have been informed of how poorly this paid game is miss-managed. Amazon have also been warned. I also informed Discord of how you allow players to abuse, bully and be racist over their service. Looks to me like Discords safety already had a little chat with you guys huh. This is just the beginning of the stuff i shall do. So i was accused of botting? NO problem… I’ll make a nice bot and release it for general download. Lets see you ban 95 percent of your players. Those that DONT already use AMR that your x staff created for their guild.

Lastly a warning to the staff of RatLabs LLC, and related friends, ANY leaking of private and confidential information will be dealt with in a court of law under the Privacy Act 1988 – Federal Register of Legislation. This Includes and not limited to CS tickets, emails and discord chats between us. Think about that before you do something you will regret.

This site will continue to display this page until RatLabs return my accounts in full and deal with these people as per ToS,

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