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Making Potions & Elixirs

Profit is the potential amount of gold you can earn from each item made. The actual amount will vary depending upon how well the item is made.

Difficulty Level 5

Make 50 items to exhaust 250 stamina with Grandmaster (5) Alchemy Skill

PotionComponentsSell PriceCostProfit
Greater Invisibility1 Deamon Guano, 1 Devilweed, 1 Jet, 1 Sulfur Rock34627769
Invulnerability1 Amber Rod12510025
Regeneration2 Silvergrass, 1 Goldenberries27624036
ShiftingZombie Finger, 1 Sulfur Rock, 1 Crystal655213

Difficulty Level 4 

Make 63 items to exhaust 250 stamina with Master (4) Alchemy Skill

PotionComponentsSell PriceCostProfit
Death1 Sulfur Rock, 1 Rat Guano, 1 Basalt Rock, 1 Pigweed49427
Greater Health1 Silvergrass, 1 Corbalite Rock20616541
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